• Designer with 4 years of experience, worked at New media/Office Collaboration/Online Bussiness.
  • Locate at Guangzhou,China. Seeking for new opertunity.
  • Excellent at Logical interaction thinking, good at Reading/toB/Online Bussiness on design, be able to coding, familiar with Motion Graphic.
  • Enthusiasm for design, my top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is making progress for people on design.
  • Fans for design that hits the nail, self-motivated designer.



  • 4年+经验的设计师,就职领域涉及新媒体资讯/办公协作/电商。
  • 坐标中国广州,目前寻求新的职业机遇。
  • 擅长逻辑交互思考,擅长阅读/toB/电商方面设计,懂代码,熟悉动效。
  • 衷心地热爱设计,马洛斯需求金字塔顶层是希望自己的设计真正帮助到人。
  • 喜欢一针见血的设计,自我驱动型设计师。

Skills / 技能

- Abilities for design /设计能力

  • Web/Mobile user interface design.|网页/移动端用户界面设计
  • LOGO/Icon graphic design.|品牌标识/图标图形设计
  • Vector illustration.|矢量插画
  • Motion graphic design.|动效动画
  • Sketch/Wireframe/Protype.|绘制草图/线框图/产品原型
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript.|网页前端代码-HTML/CSS/Javascript

Experience / 经验

- 2015 - Now / 2015年至今

Mobile Designer | 移动产品设计

Guangzhou Interactive Network CO.,Ltd(Dayoo.com) | 广州市交互式信息网络有限公司(广州日报大洋网)

July,2015 - November,2017

Senior UI Designer | 高级UI设计师

Banggood Technology CO.,Ltd(Banggood.com) | 棒谷科技股份有限公司

Noember,2017 - Now

Familiared Tools/常用工具

- Design tools / 设计工具

Pen Paper Sketch Adobe XD Photoshop Illustrator After Effect Axure RP Xmind Notion Figma

Contact / 联系方式

- by Recruiting / Part-time Jobs 寻求新工作机会/设计外包

  • Email: ironstrawman@gmail.com